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Table Top Chalkboard:

Table Top Chalkboard

Table Top Chalkboard

Model No :IBWB03
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Detailed Product Description

wooden non-magnetic chalkboard\non-magnetic chalkboard\wooden chalkboard
1.firm wood frame
2.colorful shape as you like
3.high performance price ratio
4.your design is welcomed

1. material: wood
2. Design: Selfdesign and OEM
3. Competitive price & ISO9001 SGS-ROHS qualified
Item Name: chalkboard
blackboard material: Poplar plywood, Pine wood, Paulownia wood
design:Self-design and as your requests
packaging: Packed high quality carton box
Workman ship: Cut the wood to pcs with requested size and shape, and then glue them together
Local advange: abundant of wooden raw material and experienced labors
Competitive price with with good quality: ISO9001 qualified.

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Table Top Chalkboard
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