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Magnetic Whiteboard:

Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard

Model No :IBAW02
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Detailed Product Description

Whiteboard / white board: office supply / school supply, message board, writing board, magnetic board.
Whiteboard, white board, dry erase board, office board, message board, magnetic board, writing board.
1)Aluminum frame with ABS corners, 12mm thick.
2)Easy writing and erasing white surface, metal bac.
3)Plastic marker tray.
4)Fixed on a wall with nails.
Whiteboard: Single Magnetic Whiteboard  Front Surface: Lacquered steel whiteboard surface  Middle substrate: High Resistant Corrugated Card 
Backside: Galvanized steel sheet  Aluminum profile: Finished Silver anodized   Corner: ABS plastic corners 
Pentray: Finished Silver anodized aluminum  Fixing solution: Wall-mounting solution 

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Magnetic Whiteboard
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